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Our new EP is titled "Days". It's a bit like our first EP but with a little more guitar. We are really happy to be recording together again and we hope you like what came out.

You can have a listen to the right. Please do us a favor and share the album with your friends if you think they might like it.

The Band

We record things over the internet. We have never met in real life. Our songs are clanky, tinkery pop songs. We live in a small nook that we dug in the internet.

We released our first EP "The Conduits" in 2010. You can listen to it here.

If you like SoundCloud, we have one of those too.

We were once interviewed by a website called Mr. Shuffleupagus.

We have a Facebook page where we post updates here.

There is another band called The Conduits. We are not them.

We aren't sure who had the name first.

Run To The Car

"Run To The Car" Lyrics

I'm not sure what I'm doing;

I don't know what to say when I'm around you.

I'm not sure what you're thinking,

but I guess for everyone that's mostly true.

I'm not that good at talking;

I don't know where to look when I walk by you.

I can't think of clever sayings,

until I am home and they are too late to use.

Please don't say you love me while I

tug my eyes away from your salty lips.

Please don't grab my hand and lead me

across the street: it's busy and someone might see.

Don't you know I love the way you

share the things nobody else has seen with me?

Don't you know that I adore you?

But the voice in my silly head is saying:

Never let go of me

Please let go

Never let go of me

Please let me go

I want to run to the car with you

I want to drive to Colorado with you

I want to run to the car with you

with the windows down and the AC on

so the cigarette smoke stays clear of the view

I want to run to the car with you

Never let go of me

Never let go of me

I want to let go of you

but I can't let you go

I want to run to the car with you

I Forgot How To Sleep Without Cartoons

"Sleep Without Cartoons" Lyrics

Do you want to play video games with me?

Do you want me to run my hands through your hair

to help you sleep? 'cause I would -

You know I would.

I'd do anything just to hear you breathe -

just to smell your skin in the night air next to me,

sippin' on forties in the park.

I never finish mine – you can have it, it's all yours.

You're good to me

But I still can't get my brain to sleep at night

Worrying about dying from a strange disease

At 3am, I'll be adding up how much I need to live

I forget how to shut it off for one minute

Oh oh oh oh....

Do you want to watch cartoons in my room?

Please ignore the piles of clothes on the floor.

I never can keep my things straight,

but you help me get through the days.


"Kinetoscope" Lyrics

I'll go in the pawnshop

We'll meet by the car

I'll find us some money

You find us a park

We'll spend the whole day

Just trying to forget our jobs

We'll sell what we have to

Then we'll bugger off

Am I doing it wrong?

Am I doing this wrong?

I'm not doing it right.

I think you're so sweet when you're talking to me

I just might fall head over...

I don't know what I want.

I love you, I love you,

More than you want me, more than you want me

I love you, I love you, more than you want me to

I love you, I love you, more than I want to.

Reserved Plots

"Reserved Plots" Lyrics

Every morning we wake up

Laid out in our reserved plots

Every morning we wake beside each other

The river has run dry

Near the house that I used to live in with you

The garden of sunflowers in the backyard

Is just a cemetery of split open seeds

The hulls discarded by birds

And umpires

Long ago gone

One more strike I'm out

And that man third base is waiting to go home

Just don't throw me one more curve ball

Or I'll put my bat down

And leave you alone

You can take me down with you

Into the cold, dark earth

All black and blue

But if you say you love me one more time

I'll ignore the next 10 bad things you do

Every morning we wake up

Laid out in our reserved plots

Every morning we wake beside each other

I don't wanna know

I don't wanna, no

Live my whole damn life inside a bed

I don't wanna know

I don't wanna, no


"Days" Lyrics

I keep looking for your old secrets

Why aren't they there?

Why aren't they anywhere?

I keep finding your missing pieces

You can't keep them here

They don't fit anywhere.

You don't deserve my desperation;

You don't deserve my prying hands.

But, baby, most days....

My love is the ghostly kind.

Most days,

My love is mostly kind.

Do you remember walking on the street at night?

Your face got caught in a spiderweb.

I can still see your tired hands

trying to clear your eyes.

Why did you stop coming over?

Why did you stop calling me lover?

Why don't I do what I know I should?

Why don't I do what I never could?

It feels like the last time I kissed you

was with red wine lips

But that was just the start of it -

that was just the start of it.

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